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In Ask: Tap Into the Hidden Wisdom of People Around You for Unexpected Breakthroughs in Leadership and Life, global expert on adult development and learning Jeff Wetzler offers a hands-on, surprisingly effective approach to find out what others really think, make smarter decision, and achieve business success--teaching how to make the path to sharing information (especially negative information about what isn't working) as safe and easy as possible.


Too often, we don't find out what others think because we don't know how to ask the right questions in the right ways. Co-founder of Transcend and former Teach for America executive Jeff Wetzler wants to show you how to fix that. In Ask, he brings you a conversation guide based on a simple premise: that learning how to ask other people what they truly think, know, and feeling is game-changing. Wetzler reveals Five Practices, each answering an essential questions:


Choose Curiosity: How can we increase our authentic interest in learning from others around us?


Make it Safe: How can we make it comfortable, easy, and appealing for others to share with us?


Pose Quality Questions: How can we ask questions that best tap into the experiences, perspectives, and wisdom in those around us?


Listen to Learn: How can we maximize the chances we'll hear what others have to say?


Reflect & Return: How can we process what we've heard in ways that create actionable insights and encourage ongoing learning?


The skills and messages of Ask could not be timelier. Whether the setting is in large corporation, a nonprofit, a school district, or a small business, people inside organizations need help learning to communicate and extract information in a more productive way.



Ask by Jeff Wetzler

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